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Simple Steps to Add Backlinks to Your Website

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Recently you have just created a website but you have noticed a very smaller number of traffic coming on your website. You haven’t reached the top of page rank as well in the google search console, you might be very curious and depressed since you did a lot of hard work in creating a website and writing quality content as well but you seem there are no results for it.

If you have little knowledge in the field of digital marketing then you must be aware of the backlink concept as well. Backlinks for a given web source is a link from some other random website to that web source, it’s just like the concept of promoting your website or webpages on other websites by just submitting your websites or pages link.

In this article, we have come up with some of the simple steps to add backlinks to your website so that you get more traffic on your website and rank on the top of the google page.

  • Guest Posts on Related Websites

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This is the most convenient way of doing the proper backlinks and getting results as well, you just need to visit any random blogs of any website that is related to the niche of your website and then create any guest post and then submit your links with proper keyword relevant to the content. The only thing you must remember while creating guest posts is that the post that you are adding that must be relevant to the website where you are submitting the links, if you don’t follow this then google bots will detect your link as spams and then it will not give any results.

  • Publish Links on Forum websites

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There are millions of forum websites that are listed and available on google, an internet forum is an online discussion site where people can start a conversation on any relevant topic and start posting messages. You can simply visit any forum site with the relevant topic as per your websites niche and just post your link with any relevant keyword. The best part of publishing links on forum websites is that you can add hyperlink of your website by just adding HTML code and if any user clicks, they will be redirected to your website directly.

  • Create posts on Free Blogging Platform

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Blogspot, Weebly, Tumblr, WordPress are some of the free blog post creating a platform where you can create any blogs and add posts as well. in all the above-mentioned platforms you can create blogs and add posts relevant to your website and add links as well. This is the safest way of adding backlinks for your website.

The above mentioned were some of the popular steps to add backlinks to your website. We hope you liked the information provided and hope to see you soon again.